Sunday, September 7, 2008

Visit to ASU

Bridget opening care package from home.
Grandparent's Day with Richard and Bridget.
Richard, Bridget and her friend James at ASU stadium.
Bridget, Eddie, Grandma and Richard.
Eddie, Bridget, Frank and Richard at Troy's Diner where we ate lunch.
Richard and Bridget in Richard's room.


Karen said...

hey, thanks for the photos- i guess you'll just have to visit with richard and let me know how he's doing (since he's not calling home!!!) looks like you all had a nice time. see ya this weekend, love, k

affectioknit2 said...

That sure looks like a lot of fun...



Cam said...

Man I sure miss those college football games. Have fun kids. Its a beautiful campus. Love, Cami