Monday, April 11, 2011

Kubota in the ditch

Frank was mowing the lower field Friday and the ditch sucked him in.

The Chevy truck knows how to get it out.

This is the hole it left at edge of ditch.

Hail on April 9

We had a quick hail storm on Saturday. No damage.

White Crane in pond

We often have a gray crane in the pond but today saw a white one. Really stands out.

Selling the Thunderbird

Just thought you all might like to see a final photo of the red Thunderbird. We have decided to sell it. We have spent a lot of time prettying it up.

Replaced Swing

Remember the red swing that had gotten so old I just put potted plants on it?

The wooden bench that Karen gave us about 20 years ago had lost its legs and spent its latest years on cement blocks as Chock's perch has been renewed with new I-bolts and hung on chains.

Now, it's strong enough for us to actually swing in.

Finished Stairs

I thought I had alrealy posted the finished stairs.
This is the newly painted risers. We had flipped a few of the stairs that were in reasonably good shape and replaced several.

These are the treads being painted on the workbench. Much easier than painting against the risers in place.

Finished. I am very happy with the clean brighter look.