Thursday, November 22, 2007

Senior night for cheerleaders and players, West HHS

Parents on the field with cheerleaders.
Bridget Cheering.


Part of our Halloween decorations.

White Squirrel in our woods

We finally have a white squirrel on the property.
He is real cute and not really afraid of us or the dogs, up to about 20 feet, then he runs away.

Twilight greeting us when we got home.

Looks like Frank is as excited to see Twilight as she is.
She wouldn't let anyone play with her while we were gone but was happy to snuggle with us.

St Louis, MO Bud Plant and Arch

Frank in Budweiser plant.
Elizabeth in Budweiser plant.
Arch from bridge.
Elizabeth at Arch.

Dean's BBQ, Turtles and Kayak, Log House

BBQ Place in Eminence Saddle seats in Dean's BBQ.
Three turtles on log in river.
Cami paddling. That's a sucker in her mouth.
Log house of Dick and Cami's friend.

More Round Spring, Horses

Beautiful blue water in Round Spring.
Cami and I chasing wild horse herd for pictures.
Wild Horse herd at Round Spring State Park

Round Spring and Cavern

Cami and I at overlook at Round Spring
Path to Round Spring

Big Cavern at Round Spring. 50 degrees! Closed for season so we didn't go in.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kayaking on the Current River with Dick and Cami

Launching "THE BARGE" to paddle down the Current River. Cami said it is named that because no one has been able to capsize it.
Resting on a gravel bar.
Cami and I went swimming. It was a little cool, but refreshing.
Dick stayed in his kayak and "chilled" (out of the water, of course).

Eminence, Missouri

This spring is amazing.
Imagine 81 million gallons a day. WOW
Here we are on gravel bar of Current River.

Frank and Cami.

Frank with Kelly and his truck

Kelly and Frank with Kelly's new truck.

Celebrating at Sonic.

Omaha, Nebraska Lunch

We had lunch on Sept. 30 at a converted factory in Omaha.

Really good pasta selections and a salad bar in bed of old truck. Neat!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Mount Rushmore

First view of Mount Rushmore from an overlook/parking lot.
Close-up view, very inpressive!!

Crazy Horse Monument

View of Crazy Horse Monument from parking lot.
Model cast in silhouette with stone.
Up close view
Frank and Elizabeth below Crazy Horse Monument.

Theodore Roosevelt Park 1976 & 2007/ Deadwood, SD

At North entrance October 1976
At South entrance to park 2007

North Dakota

Badlands of North Dakota
Painted Canyon and Rock Formations

Lone Buffalo just 10 feet from car. Exciting!!!