Saturday, November 9, 2013

River view and tree with lichen in Missouri

View of river
Some of the pretty sites we saw on way to river

New area for picnic tables

Landscape timbers to outline new area for picnic tables
Landscape fabric pinned down
Finished with mulch and tables set up. Works very good.

Repairing siding on our house

I had already put up a couple of new siding boards before I took the 'before' picture of the old rotten boards. New siding before paint Finished repairs.

Leaving for Italy

Eddie, Brittany and Connor left for Italy.

More Birthday Party Pics

We released the helium balloons after party and fun watching them fly away.

Lunch at Pisgah Inn

Trip to Pisgah Inn on Blue Ridge Parkway with Grandma Hall

Connor's Birthday Party setup

Connor's 2nd Birthday Party

Burial Mounds, Wickliffe, Kentucky

We stopped on our way home from Missouri at the site of mounds. The long building on left is covering an area with remains of a small village. Lots of very interesting information on the Mississippian people who lived there back to the 1200s. It is a State Historic Site

Audrianna with Tiny, the alligator

Cami with Audrianna and Kelly.

Pet alligator on leash,  Tiny

Pizza dog

Cami and Dick's new dog Pizza.
He is a rescue dog that had severe injuries to hindquarters. Right hip joint is missing. Leg pivots in muscles but he can run and play now. Cami did ( and still does ) extensive rehab with him. He is amazing!!

Day trip to Blue Spring from Cami and Dick's in Missouri

Blue Spring
Blue Spring from Overdeck
Cami, Frank and Dick at Blue Spring
Elizabeth and Cami in van to Blue Spring

Cami on her front deck

Cami on her front deck.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rocks from our travels mounted in cememt

We have collected rocks from our trips to the Grand Canyon, North Dakota and Missouri and finally decided to mount them in concrete. I filled an old terra cotta plant saucer with cement and placed the rocks in to harden, then Frank mounted the dish securely to the last of the Japanese Maple tree stump.

Red Pagoda, Faded, Painted, Reassembled at Flowers in Swing


Our birdbath was leaking so we sprayed with white rubber sealant. It looks a lot nicer and now it holds water.

Repaired Girl Figurine

Someone left a broken girl figurine at a rental and I filled it with cement, made a block of cement to mount it and put into garden.

Tree cutting at Nanny's house

Sorry for the format. I can only enter captions at the bottom but these are pictures of the crew rigging the ropes to safely fell the limbs and/or trees. Tyler pulling brush, running the chipper ( 4 truckloads of mulch  that I am using to mulch around trees, walks, everything. Bridget and Zoey watching and the finished look.