Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grandparent's Day

We went to Boone on Grandparent's Day to visit Bridget.

Grandma and Bridget

Grayson and Bridget at Bandana's ( really good BBQ place )

Frank and Elizabeth at Bandana's

Birthday Gifts

Eddie and Trudi gave me a nice shirt and earrings.

Trip to wine country with Eddie and Trudi

Eddie and Trudi took us to NC wine country for my birthday.

On balcony

Trudi, Eddie, Frank and Elizabeth

They set up a nice picnic lunch here.


Dave singing with cousins at Hall Reunion 2010

The blog will only take about 13 seconds but the singing was good.

Miracle Fish

In the flood posted earlier, we found a little brown fish in road puddle. Brought it in and put into tank with our goldfish.

Our two goldfish

We named little fish Miracle and he gets along well with the goldfish.

As you can see he has become bright yellow.

We are trying to find out what kind of fish he is. If you have any idea, let me know.


Some pictures of the flood we had a couple of months ago.

Apples from our tree

Frank picked me a box of apples from our tree.

I set up to peel for drying and pies.

Apple Pies

I dried several loads of the apples.

Decided to make a couples of pies and made crust from scratch.

Two pies ready for top crust.

Finished pies

Hade some extra crust so made a shell for another pie.

The Man's visit

I'm trying to catch up on my blogs. These are a couple of pictures from visit last month. The green shirt is still here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hall Reunion

This is all the Hall Grandchildren attending the 2010 Reunion.

This is Grandma and all her children

Trudi and Elizabeth

Elizabeth and Abi

Eddie and Keith