Saturday, May 2, 2015

My new toy-- John Deere Riding Mower

We just bought a new Riding Mower with bagger and spent the day putting it together. Only major task was replacing brand new blades on deck with "High-Lift" ones needed for bagger. All finished and I mowed for a couple of hours this afternoon. Very nice.

Bathroom Hanger

I have kept washclothes in a basket on toilet tank but very crowded so found this hanger for cabinet.


Kitchen Cart

We have had this kitchen cart since Teresa gave it to us probably 20 years ago. I thought I could use another shelf to hold lightweight things so we set out to build one. We noticed the boards on the side leaves were splitting at glue joints so we added supports underneath. Added dowels on each side to raise new shelf above my rotisserie that stays on the bottom shelf. Shelf Finished Cart Loaded
Some pictures from snow and kids and a roadrunner emblem we found at Grandma's that Frank put on the golf cart