Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I guess most people do not have to walk their cat, but we are afraid Twilight will run from us so Frank puts a leash on her and lets her explore. She sits by door and whines to go out every evening and really enjoys smelling and running.
You can see we have cleaned up the trees from front of barn.

Pisgah Trip

We took Shannon and her friend Rene to the Pisgah Inn and up the Parkway. The views were still great, even though rain was predicted.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Squirrel on Bird Feeder

The squirrel found one of the new 'cattail' bird feeder Cami sent.

April Snow

We had a little snow on Saturday.

Some Easter Photos

We had lunch at Grandma's with Ted and dinner at Keith's with him and Denise, Aaron and Nicole. Bridget is in Florida on spring break.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bunny Cake

I made a thin butter cream icing and covered all (feet and ears only assembled), then froze on cookie sheets. I then added more powered sugar and enough coconut to make a spreadable icing. I used that on the frozen pieces and assembled. I had not ever tried that but it works much better than trying to ice crumbly soft and sticky pieces. I rolled them in coconut before putting together. When covered, add pink coconut to middle of ears and white coconut over all. Decorate with licorice whiskers and toenails and jelly beans for eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.

Bunny Cake Pattern

From 2 round cakes, cut a circle from center of 1
and cut 8 wedges from outside circle. Cut a square from 1 leaving 4 pieces, which are used for the ears. I trim the top from 4 of the feet wedges so other 4 will sit on top better.
My cake mix made 3 layers so I cut a circle/square for a bunny face leaving the outside for ears and wedges that I used for a Bow-Tie. Picture in back.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Twilight with Squirrel

A squirrel came up to front window this morning while Twilight was on her "perch". It did not seem to be frightened of her. The bird feeder that Teresa sent for Christmas is attached to picture window and some crumbs from it probably attracted the squirrel. Twilight lays her ears back and flicks her tail.