Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Bunny Cake

I made a thin butter cream icing and covered all (feet and ears only assembled), then froze on cookie sheets. I then added more powered sugar and enough coconut to make a spreadable icing. I used that on the frozen pieces and assembled. I had not ever tried that but it works much better than trying to ice crumbly soft and sticky pieces. I rolled them in coconut before putting together. When covered, add pink coconut to middle of ears and white coconut over all. Decorate with licorice whiskers and toenails and jelly beans for eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.


Karen said...

Hey, do you even look at a recipe for that cake anymore? And have you ever NOT made a bunny cake for Easter? It's neat to see it in progress - and the freezing idea sounds like a good one. I've watched you ice the "cut" sides of that cake so many times - you're pretty good at it. Any time I try to ice an open side of a cake, I get crumblies all thru the icing. Heck, I sometimes get crumblies thru the icing when I'm doing cupcakes!!

Love, K

affectioknit2 said...

Very Pretty - I'll show it to the Man-Cub -



Elizabeth said...

I have always (for 35 years anyway) made at least one and once I made 6. Never again. You can see I have gotten down to just one 'real' one and a 'leftover'. E.