Monday, January 26, 2015

New Fridge

Had to move the bottom shelf to fit new fridge so we could push further against wall.

Grandma's Dining Table at my house.

Connor and Bird Poster

Connor loves to use scissors so we cut up last year's calender and put onto a frame.


Playing at Mills River Playground
Making and playing on swing at apple tree.
Play Dough

Organizing Barn Tools

We did a major cleanup in big barn and I moved all my garden tools and hung on wall.

Some Pictures of Lilee

Twilight and her house

Twilight has reclaimed her cat house. Didn't get in it for years. Now stays on it all the time. Who can figure??

Grandma Hall here this fall for lunch and manicure.

Green Flower Boxes

I used some old wood to make a couple of flower boxes. This long one attached to greenhouse base was put together from some wood from old bridge and scraps we had here. You can see lettuce growing in one end and swiss chard groing in the other. Worked out good.
This box was made from 4 of the old stairs that had to be replaced when we took carpet off and painted them.