Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More flowers

The lily and dalhia Denise gave me a few years ago are blooming. She also gave me the touch-me-nots.

Purple Coneflower from Trudi.

Elephant ears and impatiens.

Updates on Flowers

The new garden I planted in front of the greenhouse has come along nicely. I also planted the last of tomatoe plants behind them and staked up with odd items. All are doing well.

The marigold and zinnias beside barn are blooming now.

Grandma Hall and Aunt Vinnie at Hall Reunion

Grandma Hall had a good time visiting with her sister-in-law Vinnie (Ike's sister who is 6 months older than her).

Repairs at Nanny's House

We had to remove the old square-paned solid window in the living room and replace with this double window that will open and close. It was quite a job to fit and frame but it looks good and should be much nicer.

This is the floor after we put in 2 layers of plywood to match old subflooring and underlayment for Kitchen floor.

We had to completely rebuild this section of floor joist but Frank says it will be here in 200 years.

Karen and I at Siler City Airport

July 4th

We didn't take many pictures on July 4th but we did get a good one of Eddie II and the chairs lined up for the fireworks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Swiss Chard

See, Karen, you are not the only one to have Swiss Chard. I only have a few plants but they produce well, must have liked the cold, wet spring we had.

More 2009 Flowers

This is the old Rose of Sharon we have had for 45+ years.

The Yellow Trumpet Vine is just now blooming well and has a carpet of VooDoo plants underneath.