Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mills River School brick

These are the brick from Mills River School Gym they offered for sale.

Left is a piece of gym flooring with brick and placard. Right is brick with placard (this one is yours, Teresa).

Eddie II's belated birthday celebration

Hamburger sliders and hot dogs with all the fixings.

Bridget coming in when rain started. We had a good swim before that.

Eddie II, Trudi and Eddie.

We had a strawberry torte as his birthday 'cake'

First pooling of the season.

Bridget and Trudi getting some sun.

Denise enjoying a Margarita

Me floating in the pool. Did you notice we all were dressed in black and white.

Keith cooling it

Eddie getting some rays.

Painted Adirondick chairs and new firepit

I put a new coat of paint on the chairs Eddie and Trudi gave us and bought a new square firepit. That's Shannon showing them off. NOte the old swing, (see next post).

Yard swing cover

I needed to cover the old yard swing so I bought this heavy printed cloth. I liked the pattern.

I made covers for the back and this pocket for the seat cushion.

Seat cover and foam.

Finished cover and the plastic bamboo screen we used for a new roof.

Mother's Day Gifts

From Eddie and Trudi, a pretty plant stand and the plants.

From Teresa and Rafe, a pretty top she made from vintage cloth. I love it with the red belt.

From Karen and Duane, a lovely vase of flowers.

From Keith and Denise , a monogrammed purse and glass suncatcher, and from Bridget, a glass butterfly.

Thank you everyone!!!

Mother's Day 2010

Eddie and Trudi had a nice Mother's Day brunch for us and Trudi's mom and Ray. Tara and Brandon were there too.

This is the quiches, excellent.

Fruit tray

Trudi and I around the Bloody Marys

Sandbox canopy, flowers and clouds

May 6, 2010
Eddie and Trudi gave me the frame of a canopy and we erected it around the sandbox garden. We think it looks neat and it can hold potted plants and serve as climbers for vines. The posts in center are from Eddie II's chin-up bar but I'm leaving it to hang things on, too.

The ajuga around the pool bloomed nice this year.

Frank took this picture of pretty pink clouds over the barn.

Mountain property

April 21, 2010
This does not do justice to the steep slope of our mountain property. We were touring it with realtor. It's up for sale, actually have a contract.

Me and realtor

Ted's house

Wheat Berries and Asparagus

April 13, 2010
Karen had mentioned she cooked some wheat berries so I bought some and was looking for something to cook with my first batch of asparagus so I cooked them for an hour, made a salad and threw the asparagus into wheat berries for a few minutes and it was very good.

Wild Turkeys in yard

March 23, 2010
A group of turkeys ( I don't know what a group of turkeys are called ) came through the yard and Zipper kept an eye on them.

Robert's band in Ireland

I know Karen has already posted a picture of Robert's band in Ireland on St. Patrick's Day but we took a picture of the screen and since I am trying to catch up with my missing blogs, I included it here.

Vent cover for #51 trailer

March 10, 2010
We wanted to clean and paint the kitchen vent cover from the trailer. Frank couldn't find his goggles so he used an old storm window to shield his eyes from the little sand blaster. Shield worked great but the sand blaster did not.

Changed to his Dremel

Cleaned it off. Didn't get an after picture but I painted it white and it looks new.