Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jeffrey and Ron visiting on Thanksgiving

Jeffrey and his dad had Thanksgiving dinner with us and later flew Frank's little model RC plane.

It hit a tree in the field and Jeffrey had to shake it loose. They repaired it and flew successfully several times.

Sail to River Dunes

On Saturday, we sailed to a Marina/Residental Harbor at River Dunes for lunch.
View of the pool and spa.

Nice Clubhouse and Restaurant

Duane and Karen's boat at dock in River Dunes

Karen making a funny face on a nice smooth sail.

Touring New Bern

On Friday we drove to New Bern and took a short walk through the historic district. Pretty little town founded early 1700s.

Mexican Dinner at Karen's

On our trip to Karen and Duane's last weekend, she had fixed a Mexican dinner for our first night there. The appointment at Duke was late so we got there late. Duane was on a conference call so his tea has not been poured but he joined us soon and we all enjoyed a very pretty and delicious Mexican dinner.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Earrings from Keith and Denise

Keith and Denise took Frank and me to Red Lobster for my birthday and gave me these earrings that she had made.

Weekend Wedding

We went to Karen's over the weekend so we could attend Dick's daughter's wedding. This is all the bride's family, you may recognize Dick and Cami. He's the one with the white curls and beard.

I am talking to one of Dick's daughters and her husband.

These are Dick's grandchildren.

Repairing floor in rental bath

These are not in the order I wanted but you can get the picture.

We put new molding at tub

Finished Floor

I guess this patch was made for us.

After putting in new flooring we 'leveled' the floor.

Because we were reusing adhesive tiles, we had to add glue.

To fill in where tiles were ruined, we added a block of new black tile.

I laid the last tile.

Grandma with new attic door

Grandma's New Attic Door

The Old Curtain at Attic

Door parts painted at our barn.

Frank Working on door.

Door overlaps stairs so this is folding underdoor.

Finished Door.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Twilight or Graybeard ? ?

We have started calling Twilight 'Graybeard'. After her medical issues last spring, during which she lost all the hair off streaks down her backbone ( which are going back nicely ) we noticed that along her cheekbones, the hair was gray. Looks kinda weird but interesting.

Might be hard to see here.

I guess it makes her look distinquished.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Strawberry Bed Project

Grandma Hall wanted to get rid of the strawberry plants that were in her 1/2 water tank and plant some greens, so she gave me the plants. I dug them last week and planted her some lettuce, turnips and mustard. I needed a place to plant them so Frank built this box to attach to the sandbox garden, we filled it with fresh dirt and compost.

I turned it with my twister tool and got ready to plant.

Finished bed of Strawberries. Looking forward to lots of berries next year.

Pepper plants and box gardens

I had some hot pepper plants in pots.

Denise said I could plant in her 3 box gardens, so I left a few of her plants and added beets, lettuce, turnips, kale and mustard greens. They are just coming up.

Fish in Pond

I snapped a few pictures of the fish and the pond. They seem to be doing well.

New way to cook okra

I have seen okra grilled ( Karen ) and my neighbor said he bakes his whole so I tried something new. I cut and breaded the okra as usual then sprayed a sheet pan with Pam, spread the okra and sprayed it, then baked in hot (500*) oven. Turned out crispy and tasty.

This was our vegetable dinner that night, the okra, white beans, leftover Mexican cornbread for me and roll for Frank, and my 'cheat' salad, just cut up veggies.

Tall Sunflower and some Cosmos

We had a sunflower that grew in my squash row and it got very tall.

I don't think I have posted this picture of some cosmos I started from seed in the greenhouse. They turned out to be easy to transplant and really brightened up the flower beds. I had pink tones and yellow tones.

Birthday Gifts from the girls

Thank you all so much for the lovely gifts.

Shannon gave me these garden tools, a shephard's hook and basket and an ajustable rake.

Cami sent these special earrings, note the green color. Sorry it's sideways.

Karen sent some 'warm' things, a neutral sweater-shawl, a green scarf and some nice slippers.

Teresa sent a collection of Elizabeth Taylor perfumes. Very nice.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grandparent's Day

We went to Boone on Grandparent's Day to visit Bridget.

Grandma and Bridget

Grayson and Bridget at Bandana's ( really good BBQ place )

Frank and Elizabeth at Bandana's