Saturday, July 16, 2011

Miranda's pinning ceremony for Nursing

At J & S Cafeteria before Miranda's pinning ceremony.
Dave, Miranda, Michael, Polly, Patty, Ellie, Abi, Elizabeth.

Patty, Miranda and Abi.

Miranda getting her nursing pin.

With candle.

With Grandma Hall

Pictures in the yard.

We found this tag in an abandoned parking lot and put it on the golf cart. We were looking through a book that Grandma Hall just got by Charles Kuralt on North Carolina that has a picture of a sign with 'Loafer's Glory' in it. I think it is a community or development.

I planted lettuce, tomatoes and carrots in the old sand box garden. I have to put screens over seed beds to keep cats out.

The posts holding up my wisteria vine were rotting at ground so Frank drove metal stakes next to them for support.

Garden at stump with beehive birdfeeder that Keith and Denise gave me.

More mother's Day pics

Frank and Elizabeth in Keith's hot tub.

Elizabeth and Denise in flowers.

Karen and Duane.

Mother's Day at Grandma Hall's

Grandma Hall

Curt and Judy

Dave and Ellie

Eddie II and Brittany with "Italy" books.

Karen brought Eddie II and Brittany some books on Italy. They are already there you know.

Mother's Day

I'm a little late showing my Mother's Day gifts for this year.

Teresa sent this lovely blue print summer pajamas. Grandma Hall also got this print in a summer gown. She loves it.

Eddie and Trudi gave me this coral soft blouse and earrings to match.

Karen gave me hanging basket of strawberries. I have gotten a lot of berries from it and I will plant them into my strawberry bed before fall.

Keith and Denise got me this lily plant. I will plant it in the ground also.

They also gave me a bag full of books, 2 of which I will be filling out with memories and thoughts.

Repairing side of house

Finished paint with #s, flag and eagle.

Window finished.

Light finished.

Pressure washing after paint spill.

Frank's bucket handle broke and spilled a lot of white paint onto porch and splattered everything nearby.

Frank on ladder painting.

The side of the house has been needing repair so we decided to work on it. This shows how bad the bottom board was.

The only 12in board we could find was shelving so I painted 2 of them to mount over the bottom board.

I decided the house numbers and the eagle needed a fresh coat of black paint.

Frank caulking the seams in the siding.