Friday, January 28, 2011

Frank's first great-grandchild

This is Kelly's new baby girl, Audrianna Marie Trogdon. She is Frank's first great-grandchild. She was born on January 20th.

All dressed up in pink for the ride home from the hospital.

Hauling wood

Frank thought it would be cute to get a picture of me hauling wood. We usually do it with the Kubota but it was so muddy from the melted snow, I just wheeled it down in my little trolley Cami and Dick had given us years ago.

Geese standing on icy pond and pecking worms

The snow has melted and the geese that visit us nearly every day are getting a lot of worms out of the soaked turf.

The pond was frozen over so the geese are standing on top of the pond.
Frank had seen them flying in and landing then skating to the other side. I guess they didn't know it was frozen. To bad we didn't have a video of that.

Frank sledding

You notice there are no pictures of me sledding. Because I didn't.

Snow on Dec 11, 2010

Karen reminded me to post something. This is our snow from December.