Sunday, September 28, 2008

Civil War Encampment

Local civil war group held an encampment on McDowell Road and we went on Saturday. Here I am with cannon.
Frank with cannon.
Battle scene.
Battle Ready.
Firing the cannon. Very loud.

Civil War Encampment 2

Smiling seamstress
Cooking over grate.
Lincoln look-alike.
Ladies society.
Forge and vice.

Civil War Encampment 3

Confederate soldiers on horseback.
Camp Tent
Soldiers cleaning guns.
Resting after battle.
Cooking over coals. They had pots of stew ready for the participants, looked tasty.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eddie II Oath

Eddie II's oath for Army. We have a video too.

67th Birthday

I had a very nice birthday. Keith and Denise gave me a laptop and games so I can play solitaire and Wheel of Fortune in the living room or elsewhere and not have to sit in den. Eddie and Trudi gave me a big yellow mum and a gift card for manicure and pedicure ( also licorice candy not pictured). Karen and Duane gave me a quilted vest and 3 gold bangle bracelets. Teresa sent me the blue robe and a electronic Sudoku puzzle. Cami sent the autumn floor mat and a new bird feeder ( also chocolate not pictured). And while we were in Charlotte, we went out to dinner with Aaron and he gave me the vase of pretty pink flowers. THANK YOU ALL
On the way home from Charlotte, we went to the Flat Rock Playhouse and saw Unnecessary Farce. It was very funny and enjoyable.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Grandma Hall's new basket

Rafe's Grandma and aunt visited Grandma Hall again and brought her this basket, handmade from long needle pine.
As you can see, she really likes it.

Eddie II's pull-up bar

We cleaned out the sandbox and erected a pullup bar for Eddie to practice on.
He can do 10 in a row several times.

Groups of Thomas

Quinton, Grandma Hall, Karen, Jon and granddaughter
The Metcalf(e)'s standing around with their hands on their hips.

More Thomas

David, John and Marissa
Julie, Elva, Lori, Joel and Kelly( twins) Jesse and Aaron, David's family
Mark and his kids, Jon and his granddaughters
Eddie, Curt, Keith, Grandma, Julie and Marissa
Karen and Duane, kitty carrier in background.

More Thomas Reunion

Grandma Hall, Eddie and Me

Jon's grandchildren
Janet, her daughter Sheila and Emily, Jon and Pam's daughter.
Me and Keith

Thomas Reunion

Pam and Jon, Curt, (Jessie's Pam's husband) Danny, Greg and Quinton
Mark , Betty, and Elise ( seated, Jessie's daughter.
Janet and Pam, Jessie's daughter
Trudi and Judy.

Boy, that was close

Just Kidding ! Kitty likes to rest on the chop block !

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Visit to ASU

Bridget opening care package from home.
Grandparent's Day with Richard and Bridget.
Richard, Bridget and her friend James at ASU stadium.
Bridget, Eddie, Grandma and Richard.
Eddie, Bridget, Frank and Richard at Troy's Diner where we ate lunch.
Richard and Bridget in Richard's room.