Sunday, May 29, 2011

Feeding the squirrels

Putting corn cobs on tree feeders.

We found this cute chair feeder for the squirrels.

Repairing floor in dining room at Nanny's house

We had to replace the flooring in the dining room. Thought it was just a 1 square foot problem, turned out it was a 4' X 8' problem.

This is the old subflooring.

This shows some of the old joist and framing.

We decided to remove the wood stove from the house since we are putting in a new heating system.

Repairing siding on back of Nanny's house

This is the finished back of house ( except for painting white ).

This shows some of the old siding and new framing we had to do.

Eddie II and Brittany in new swing

Eddie II aand Brittany are checking out the new swing.