Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Microwave

This is my new microwave that Duane and Karen gave us for Christmas. I had worn the start button out on my other one and it was hard to start. We moved it to other side of kitchen for extra room. I really like it there. It is a convection/microwave.

I got to retire my toaster oven as well as the old microwave so now I have a lot more room on the bar side.

Our Christmas Here

Highlight of our Christmas party here was the SKYPE visit we had with Connor, Eddie II and Brittany during our 'Chinese' gift exchange that they joined in with gifts they had sent earlier.

Karen, Richard and Robert and their bikes.


Karen, Duane, Keith and Denise

Keith, Denise, Ashlee and Trudi

Finger Foods. Bruschetta, Roll-ups, Meatballs, Etc.

Lots of Sweets. Ritz Cookies, Baklava, Candies

Bridget and Tyler

Elf Karen

Hall Christmas 2011

Grandma Hall had her annual Christmas party at the Golden Corral in Hendersonville. 17 People had a great time.

Family Picture - Curt, Ted, Elizabeth, David, Jon and Grandma Hall

Ellie, David, Trudi, Eddie, Curt and Judy

Judy, Pam and Emily

Miranda and Abi

Judy, Trudi, Curt and Ted

Emily, Pam and Jon

Curt, Ted and Jon

David Playing Carols


2011 Hall Reunion

I decided to catch up on my blogs before I posted Christmas photos.
These were taken at the Summer Hall Reunion in Leicester.
This is Robbie and Nicole, Susan's husband and daughter.

Grandma Hall eating.

Grandma and Susan

Ellie, Polly and Patty

Grandma Hall

David and Ted

Marlene and Judy

Grandma, Susan, Jon and Pam

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mailbox Wheelbarrow Flowers

We had an old wheelbarrow and I decided to plant flowers in it behind the mailbox.

Frank helped.

Wheelbarrow full of summer flowers and Blackeyed Susans in the ground.

Skip 4 months to getting ready to plant pansies. I planted some in the wheelbarrow and some in beds around the house.

Hope they get established before too cold and they should last all winter. Our resident cat likes to ride the golf cart and oversee whatever is going on.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

July 4th 2011

I know this is 4 months late but I had it all arranged so I decided to post it anyway. Aaron had a new smoker with remote controls and fancy thermometers.

Aaron cutting the delicious Brisket. Ashlee's brother is looking on.

Trudi and Denise sunning.

Ashlee and Bridget having fun.

Cookout Fun


Trudi relaxing in swing.

Night Swim. Usally not warm enough after sun goes down but was good that night.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


We had a neighbor's wedding in the field near the pond and dock. The guests parked in other open field.

Just before the bridesmaids came down, one of the groomsmen had to chase off a barking dog.

Bridesmaids arriving.


Tim and Mindy Bayless.

One of the groom's brothers.

Another brother.

The wedding guests.

Flower Girl.


Bride Alicia and her father.

Groomsmen and Flower Girl.

Groomsmen and Ringbearer.

Andy and Alicia Vows

Wedding Party.

Presenting the Married Couple.

Leaving in the Golf Cart.