Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jeffrey and Ron visiting on Thanksgiving

Jeffrey and his dad had Thanksgiving dinner with us and later flew Frank's little model RC plane.

It hit a tree in the field and Jeffrey had to shake it loose. They repaired it and flew successfully several times.

Sail to River Dunes

On Saturday, we sailed to a Marina/Residental Harbor at River Dunes for lunch.
View of the pool and spa.

Nice Clubhouse and Restaurant

Duane and Karen's boat at dock in River Dunes

Karen making a funny face on a nice smooth sail.

Touring New Bern

On Friday we drove to New Bern and took a short walk through the historic district. Pretty little town founded early 1700s.

Mexican Dinner at Karen's

On our trip to Karen and Duane's last weekend, she had fixed a Mexican dinner for our first night there. The appointment at Duke was late so we got there late. Duane was on a conference call so his tea has not been poured but he joined us soon and we all enjoyed a very pretty and delicious Mexican dinner.