Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We had to go to garden to tie up several rows of corn that blew down in the storm and I picked a few veggies while we were there. Swiss Chard, cukes, patty pan squash, zucchini, pepper,green beans and red potatoes. Tomatoes are not quite ready. The okra is red, a new variety that Mrs. Carland said will turn green when cooked, we will see. Dinner tonight.

Boo Boo

I just brushed my finger across a plastic hose connection but felt a little sting. Almost immediately, the finger went numb and by night had turned almost black. I wouldn't have worried except as you can see, it was my ring finger and it did swell but I followed Frank's advise and held it up and keep ice on it for a couple of hours and it regained feeling and rings did not get tight. I do plan to have them ( the rings ) cut off and made larger.


This is my first attempt at putting a video onto the blog. We had a real storm here Sunday with 2+ inches of rain, a little hail and a lot of wind. Then our power was out all night.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally, the Hydrangea Story

I wasn't sure the three colors of Hydrangea would show up by themselves so I got a vase of all together.

These are next to old pumphouse and are darker.

I have tried to keep these pink by adding lime each year but the acid must come through because they still have some blue in them.

Pale blue.

This year's flowers

Yellow Conefower

Remember the empty sandbox from previous post. Well, it has cucumbers climbing the corners, garlic in each corner, peppers and tomatoes in pots on shelves, and rows of lettuce, kholrabi and tomatoes and two rhubarb. Yellow trumpet vine on frame at power pole.

Rose blooming for second time this year in garden in woods, from Teresa.

Red swing with pots of impatiens and elephant ears, calla lily and hanging spider plant.

Verbena, Coleus, Dusty Miller and Spotted Begonia

Lemon Lily

These are green strawberry pots and another green planter that Karen gave me. I added the flowers, Sea Roses, Dianthus, Blue Salvia, "Those Spotted Plants" and in the big pot, Mandavilla. That's Angel the cat on the path.

Striped Grass from Grandma Hall's and leftover day lilies.

Visitors from ND

While our North Dakota visitors were here, we had some fun pool time. Here is Keith, Rafe and Denise cooling it.

Daisy likes to stay dry so she's on the float by Bridget, and Scout and Teresa are watching.

A better picture of Daisy and Bridget