Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bedroom floor is level !!

Shaping floor joist to slanted floor, bracing and shims.
Flooring panels down ( not screwed down yet so you can shading at edges ).
You can still see the slope at step-up but we had to leave as is next to the bedroom door and the closet door. Hopefully the carpet will hide some of that.
Floor is now level with windows, which were already level.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Repairing pool cover

When we took solar cover off pool to close for the year, we found a tear in the winter cover and I decided to repair it rather than spending $300 and waiting a week for shipment. We set up the sewing machine in the drive.
Torn pool cover.
Cutting a piece of tarp to use as patch.
Laying out the cover and a patch on the top and on the underside.
Cover on pool. Not very pretty but will do the job til next year.

Putting up carport cover

We bought the carport cover that has been stored in edge of field and woods. The RC Flying club decided they could not use it. Frank while we were putting up frame.
Completed frame.
We laid out roof panels to clean. Top one is really dirty.
I managed to wash 4 of the 7 today. We will try to get them installed tomorrow.

Monday, September 24, 2012


After taking down the old 16 in. ceiling tile, we could see the slats used to put them up. We are using 1 foot tiles so we will have to mount more.
Half the ceiling was covered with beadboard. I guess they ran out before they finished so had to do slats.

Bedroom Repair

Bedroom windows cleaned and painted.
Opposite wall just needs new paneling.

Bedroom wall repair

This is the wall where a window was before the kitchen/bath/laundry addition.
The crooked wall built out for new paneling
Old receptable, only one in the room.
New paneling.

New Kitchen Fan and repaired ceiling

We had to repair kitchen ceiling at Nanny's because of roof leak. Lowes still had the pattern of tile we needed.
While we were at it, we decided to put in a ceiling fan.