Monday, January 16, 2012

Twilight in Christmas Gift Bag

Chinese Gift Exchange

Our loot from the Chinese Gift Exchange. Frank got this serving tray and Summer Sausage and Cheese. We had already eaten some cheese before I took the picture.

And I got this set of Christmas Dishes. Had to wait til shipment came from Italy.

More Christmas Gifts

Eddie and Trudi gave me this nice shawl/sweater and black jewelry. Looks great together.

They gave Frank new slippers, earmuffs, tool-magnet arm band and a RPM meter.

From Teresa, Rafe and Eaven, I always love the dishtowels ( nice color ), dried tomatoes, new pitchers and the Caramel Popcorn. We've already eaten that of course.

Keith and Family gave us the Keurig Coffee Maker and Aaron and Ashley gave us the Carousel.

These pictures are sideways. I tried to rearrange but it kept coming up that way.
This is a lot of Coffee, Tea and Hot Chocolate packs and some very thin gingersnaps. They are really good, not like Keith's homemade ones but tasty and different. These are from KDAB also.

My slippers, Cream and Perfume in Santa Pants, Notepads and Licorice Cats from Bridget.

RC Helicopter for Frank from Brittany, Eddie II and Connor.

New Isotoner gloves and a Christmas pin for me from BEC.

A Christmas Calendar from BEC. Just have to move a candy cane pointer from day to day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas at Keith's

We went to Keith and Denise's on Christmas night for snacks and gift exchange.

Keith and Denise relaxing on couch.

Grandma and Daisy opening gifts.

Keith with his new Cookware set his family got for him.

Denise modeling the life vest we got them. Daisy got a pink one, too.

Tyler and Bridget.

Christmas at Eddie's

We went to Eddie and Trudi's for breakfast Christmas morning.

Eddie II in his Santa PJs

Connor and Grandma

Grandma, Connor, Eddie II, Brittany and Emily.

Eddie and Trudi gave Eddie II and Brittany a new KitchenAid mixer.

Trudi, Eddie II, Eddie and Connor

Trudi with Wine Plaque.

Trudi and Eddie with Copper Pot from Italy.

Sophie and neighbor DJ.

Tara and Connor

Eddie with stein that Eddie II brought him from Italy. Actually made in Germany.

Brandon and girlfriend Emily.

Emily's daughter Caylynn.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Veggies

We had a fairly nice day today so I decided to see if there were any vegetables left in my garden. I was happy to find these turnip greens and kale.

Also found a few green onions. We had freezing weather down to the teens so I was surprised they survived.

These turnips are quite small but I was happy to get them. After peeling the larger ones, I decided to try the "hot water to cook the skins off" technique. I didn't take any pictures but it worked great. Even for the smallest ( 1/2 inch ). I'll be using that for all my turnips from now on. Less waste than peeling. Just like peeling tomatoes.