Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rebuilt Bathroom in Nanny's house

Old wall and plumbing.
New Panel
New plywood floor.
Floor leveler.
Make-up lights and new mirror. Sorry about my reflection in mirror.
Frank made a new wooden shelf.
He also rebuilt and refinished a bath cabinet that Keith had in his Etowah house. The shelves on the side were added from wood Aaron left from a cabinet.
New toilet and vinyl floor.
Polished faucet and handles.
New shower head.
Cleaned tub and shower.
My apple tree has not produced well this year but I am picking up all that fall from the tree and drying them. Here I have the bowls lined up for peeling and slicing.
Bowl of peeled apples in salt water (to prevent browning)
I do not usually dry the apples on a towel but I am coating these with cinnamon and sugar so need to keep as dry as possible.
Mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
Coated apples.
Bottom tray covered to prevent drips onto heater.

Dried Apples

Loaded into dehydrator.
Dry after about 8 hours.
Coated apples at top, previously dried in bags at bottom.