Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This year's flowers

Yellow Conefower

Remember the empty sandbox from previous post. Well, it has cucumbers climbing the corners, garlic in each corner, peppers and tomatoes in pots on shelves, and rows of lettuce, kholrabi and tomatoes and two rhubarb. Yellow trumpet vine on frame at power pole.

Rose blooming for second time this year in garden in woods, from Teresa.

Red swing with pots of impatiens and elephant ears, calla lily and hanging spider plant.

Verbena, Coleus, Dusty Miller and Spotted Begonia

Lemon Lily

These are green strawberry pots and another green planter that Karen gave me. I added the flowers, Sea Roses, Dianthus, Blue Salvia, "Those Spotted Plants" and in the big pot, Mandavilla. That's Angel the cat on the path.

Striped Grass from Grandma Hall's and leftover day lilies.


Karen said...

it sure is lovely there!

affectioknit said...

It's all so pretty! It looks like home...