Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Repairs at Nanny's House

We had to remove the old square-paned solid window in the living room and replace with this double window that will open and close. It was quite a job to fit and frame but it looks good and should be much nicer.

This is the floor after we put in 2 layers of plywood to match old subflooring and underlayment for Kitchen floor.

We had to completely rebuild this section of floor joist but Frank says it will be here in 200 years.


Karen said...

that is really a lot of work! all looks good, though!

i am a bit nostalgic about that front window, though....kindof like the old louvered door that she had...i don't suppose that is still there, is it? i remember cranking it open to let the breeze thru the house.

Elizabeth said...

No, there is a sturdy metal front door now. We would have liked to keep the window but it was rotten and we needed the breeze. MOM