Sunday, June 28, 2009


We dug up a new bed on drive up to trailer and I planted Lupines, Dianthus, and leftover tomatoes.
The flowers at the end of the barn. I don't know what the yellow-blooming ones are, but others are Hydrangeas, Coneflowers and Marigold and Zinnias in front.
The Strawberry Jars Karen gave me for Christmas with petunias, etc.
Flowers at swing, impatiens, Wandering Jew, Spider Plant 9 (from Nanny's)


Karen said...

very pretty - everything's so nice and green!! gotta love, it!

love, k

affectioknit said...

All very pretty - we had a hail storm yesterday that sort of beat down my little garden - everything is still pretty small because we planted so late...