Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Flowers and Fish Pond Surprise

When Eaven was here last summer, he caught several fish in the pond or the river and put them into the fish pond. We never saw them after the fall so when I clean out the fish pond to prepare it for some goldfish that neighbor Ed gave me, I found 4 good size Blue Gill that I tranferred to the washtub while I replaced the water.
Glad the goldfish will have some company.

A couple of years ago Eddie and Trudi gave me about a dozen Japanese Maple seedlings from their yard and I have cultivated them in this strip. Most did very well and we are digging some up and passing them around.

This is the first year the Wisteria has bloomed. The Snowball bush Teresa gave me from Balsam Grove is just budding on the left and Dogwoods are blooming in the back.


Karen said...

scout is going to be thrilled to see this post!!

too cool....i'm surprised they lasted thru the bitter cold nights. i thought they would have to have a deeper pond ...but obviously not!

i got two of the japanese maples!! thanks mom - i haven't set them out yet - just haven't decided where we want them yet. they are doing fine in the bucket of nice mills river dirt for now. i'll post a photo when we plant them.

we're probably off to the boat this weekend - going to be a little stormy but not too bad.

love, k

affectioknit said...

Scout is definitely thrilled - he said YES - I knew they would make it...

The flowers are very pretty - none are hardy here - so I'll have to see the wisteria and snowball when we come down - Karen used to have a wisteria when she first moved to New Hill...